Waterproof Rain Coat for Large Breed Dogs

Waterproof Rain Coat for Large Breed Dogs

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This pet raincoat is made for large breed dogs. It's lightweight so your dogs can be cool on those spring and summer rainy day walks. Available in blue, orange, pink, red and yellow.  Sizes run from x-small to xx-large. Please see the sizing chart below.

** Please note there are two sizes in small the chart will provide sizes in inches:

X-Small:  Neck 8.25in - 9.25in  Back Length 9.75in - 11.75in  Chest 13in - 13.75in

Small:  Neck 10.25in - 12in  Back Length 11.75in - 13.75in  Chest 15in - 17in

Small (2):  Neck 12in - 13.75in  Back Length 13.75in - 15.75in  Chest 18in - 20in

Medium:  Neck 13in - 14.5in  Back Length 15.75in - 17.75in  Chest 20.25in - 23in

Large:  Neck 15.254in - 17.245in  Back Length 19.5in - 23.5in  Chest 25in - 28.25in

X-Large:  Neck 18.5in - 20.25in  Back Length 23.5in - 27.5in  Chest 30in - 33in

XX-Large:  Neck 24.75in - 27in  Back Length 30.5in - 33.25in  Chest 37.75in - 41.25in