Waterproof Dog Vest Made for All Dog Sizes

Waterproof Dog Vest Made for All Dog Sizes

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This stylish waterproof dog vest is suitable for three seasons, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.  With your dog sporting in this waterproof vest, there will be no worry of him or ner getting soaking wet. Your dog can enjoy outside whether it is raining or shining. This vest is machine washable and is suitable for very small to most very large dogs. Sizes range up to XXL.  It comes in a variety of colors: black, blue, rose, yellow, orange and red. Please refer to the size chart below:


                    Chest      Neck      Length

X-Small      13-14in     8-10in   10-12in

Small         15-17in     10-12in   14-16in

Medium     20-23in   13-14.5in  16-18in

Large         25-28in   15-17in    20-24in

X-Large     30-33in    18.5-20in  24-27.5in

XX-Large  38-41in     25-27in    31-33in