Reflective Dog Life Preserver Vest

Reflective Dog Life Preserver Vest

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Now you can have an afternoon outing swimming with your pup and be assured your pet is safe in this reflective adjustable life preserver vest.  The life jacket is made with extra padding so your pup can float or rise in the water while not restricting movement on land. It also has a durable grip handle to lift your pet. If your swimming in the evening we got you covered with the reflective detail.

Our Life Preserver Vest comes in orange, yellow and green and sizes run small-large. Please refer to the sizing chart below:

Measurements are based on your dog's chest size (Please use a flexible tape to measure the circumference (all the way around) at the widest part of your dog's chest/ribcage; Depending on the breed, it is typically right behind their front legs)

Small:  16in - 20.75in
Medium: 17.75in - 24.75in
Large: 19.5in - 29.5in