Catalina Pet Bed - Clay Suede

Catalina Pet Bed - Clay Suede

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Features: --For cats or dogs up to 10 pounds --Dimensions: Sleeping area - 12"" / Total Diameter - 18"" --420 denier nylon base --Luxurious faux suede or soft fleece sleeping surface --3-year limited warranty --Reversible, effectively doubling its life --Machine wash and dry --Eco-Friendly

Not Your Average Cat Nap!Not the Couch, not the Bed...The Catalina!;A Cat Bed With Nine Lives.

Cats sleep as much as 16 hours a day, so give your cat a place to relax in style. The Catalina is made to last, using 420 denier nylon for its base and luxurious faux suede or soft fleece for its sleeping surface. We back that up with a 3-year limited warranty. Better yet, this cat bed is reversible, effectively doubling its life. You can keep it looking new, too, because the whole thing can be washed and dried without harming the recycled filling inside.

Washes Like New, Again and Again. Now, we all know that a cat will never make a mess on its own bed, but even the most fastidious cats bed will need to be washed occasionally. When the Catalina has reached that point, you can just throw the whole thing in the washer and then the dryer.

Reversible. Just a nifty little design detail we want to mentionpop out the cushion, flip the bed inside out, pop the cushion back in (bottom side up), and voil?lots more life to your cat bed!

Recyclable, Not Just Recycled. Your Big Shrimpy Catalina will last a long, long time. When it's time to part with it, don't throw it out! Send it in! Big Shrimpy will recycle the fabrics and SmartFill back into a reusable fiber through their Full Circle Recycling program.