15 Best Apps for Pet Parents

15 Best Apps for Pet Parents

15 Best Apps for Pet Parents

1. PUPPR - This app is for dog training and tricks. The app provides step by step photo instructions to teach your pet new tricks. It also has a built-in clicker to make training easier. This app allows you to ask questions in which you will receive expert answers. There is a tracking system to maintain all the tricks your pet has learned and will send you reminder alerts to keep track of your pets training schedule. If you have more than one pet, no worries this app can accommodate and the best part is this app is free.

2. WHISTLE PET TRACKER. This app is an all in one activity and GPS location tracker for your pet. No more worries, you'll always know where your furry friend is. This app will provide alerts if your pet leaves his zone area that you determine. Not only does this app track your pet, it also keeps track of your pets daily activity and caloric burn. Additionally, the app will provide information on a dramatic activity or sleep pattern changes.

3. DOG PARKFINDER PLUS. This app makes it easy to find local dog parks, beaches, and other public places. All places listed provide leash rules, user ratings, fenced, and unmarked areas, hours and days of operation and much more. There are more than 6600+dog parks, beaches, and hikes listed in this app.

4. BRING FIDO - PET-FRIENDLY HOTELS. Here is yet another useful app for pet owners. In case you are looking for pet-friendly hotels around you, this app can be super useful. This app is the product of the world’s top pet travel website – BringFido.com. This is the #1 trusted app for pet parents around the world looking for pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and attractions, events and restaurants. This app is free, a worldwide on-the-go pet-welcoming information portal.
There are multiple filters that make it easy to find the best location and requirements. You can even book hotels directly from this app at an affordable price.
Use the app to post a new pet-friendly location and share a photo of your dog enjoying his favorite spot.

5. PETCOACH by PETCO. Has your pet ever gotten sick at the most inopportune time? Well, then this app is perfect for you. If you are in need of professional veterinary advice then this is the app you need. PetCoach is the leading app of veterinary advice. You’re free to ask any question about your pet: health, behavior, nutrition, etc. For example, if your pet is facing an ear infection, don’t hesitate to write about it, and describe the symptoms. Your question will be answered by the professional and verified veterinarians and different pet experts.
This app is reliable as all the experts in this app are US certified veterinary, pet nutritionists, and dog trainers. In the app, you may also find hundreds of different articles about the issues that worry you or things you don’t know. The app is for any kind of pet and the best part is: it’s free!

6. PET FIRST AID. Pet First Aid app by the American Red Cross is yet another reliable and useful source to take care of your another important family member – your pet. This is one of the best veterinary advice, more for everyday emergencies, disaster situations and unexpected accidents. There are a lot of videos, step by step tutorials, interesting quizzes to know how to act in case your pet needs your help. With the Pet First Aid, you can easily find the nearest emergency vet hospitals, veterinary or pet-friendly hotels, and set appointments or book rooms.

7. iCLICKER – Free Dog Training Clicker. iClicker is a handy app that came to replace usual dog training clickers. In case you’re outdoors and forgot the clicker, this app is always there on your phone. Training with a clicker makes the learning process faster, more effective and fun. This tool is on your phone so you can train your dog like the pros! iClicker app has an interactive and easy-to-use navigation specially designed for the Apple devices. However, if you’re an Android user, here’s an alternative – Dog Training Clicker.

8. BARKBUDDY. This is the first app that is designed to locate all the adoptable puppies near you! Now it is easier than ever to find your next fur-baby. 
There are thousands of puppy profiles and you just go through different profiles and swipe – just like we do on usual dating apps. As soon as you find a lovely puppy that you want, you need to get pre-approved to adopt!

9. iKIBBLE FREE| Can My Dog Eat. There are things we know our pets should eat. We generally know what’s right or what’s wrong for our pet, but how about a product our pet just ate without our permission? How do you know if it was edible or harmful? 
For these situations, there is a nice app – iKibble. This is a big pet food encyclopedia where you can go over some common human foot types and see if your dog can eat them too. This is a nice app that takes care of your pet’s health. There are different types of food including dairy, meat, grains, vegetables, and fruits.
In case you are looking for a specific food type, simply search for it and get a full information about if it’s okay for them to eat, when and how you should feed them with that specific product, etc. 
This app helps you research any toxic or unhealthy foods for your pooch. The App is available only in the App Store for Apple devices, but there’s an Android alternative – Can My Dog Eat app.

10. WALK FOR A DOG. This app turns your everyday walks with your dog into a support for different local animal organizations. Simply, you just turn in-app on and walk with your dog. The more pet parents walking with this app, the more the app donates.

11. MY TALKING PET. This app is very fun to use – you simply take a photo of your pet, then record yourself speaking into the microphone and – abracadabra. You pet speaks back! Record your pet speaking, share the video with your friends and have unlimited fun!

12. RELAX MY CAT. This is a music application especially chosen for cats. All the music of the app is based on natural, environment sounds and feline vocal communication that are found amusing to cats. All the songs on the app are written in 3 styles and each song style is designed to evoke and convey a particular mood.

13. FRISKIES CAT FISHING & JITTERBUG. This application is specially designed for cats to use it. Friskies® Jitterbug is designed for your cat to practice catching little bugs anytime on your tablet or mobile device. There are different difficulty levels which make the game interesting for your cat. Cat lovers love watching how their cats play on their phones or tablets.

14. FOURSQUARE. This app connects you to a whole community of pet owners just like you in order to explore different venues and restaurants in your area.

15. MYPET REMINDERS. This is a nice reminder app for your pet’s medications and veterinarian appointments. The app is easy to use – simply register and keep track of your pet’s important dates.

I bet most of you pet parents were not even aware of these many resourceful apps we can use for our furry four-legged friends. Hopefully, you will get some good use of these apps as I intend to especially when I am traveling

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