3 Reasons Why Harnesses Are Better Than Leashes For Your Dog

3 Reasons Why Harnesses Are Better Than Leashes For Your Dog

The debate over harnesses and leashes isn’t a new one. Until recently, most dog owners have been using leashes to walk their dogs, but harnesses have started to gain more popularity. And rightfully so. While harnesses may conjure up images of untrained, badly-behaved dogs, they are actually quite a useful piece of equipment. If you have a dog that cannot stop pulling during your walks, a harness will not only help you keep them in control but will also, over time, teach them how to walk properly. They are a much better option than traditional leashes and collars that you are used to. Here’s why:

Harnesses are more secured

When you are walking your dog on a sidewalk, especially in areas with heavy traffic, it is crucial that you prevent them from pulling or escaping from their collar. This is only possible with a harness because they are more secured since they cover a larger part of the dog’s body and not just the neck.

You have more control over your dog’s movements

If your dog is always fighting the collar, taking them out for a walk can be quite the Herculean task. Harnesses wrap over your dog’s body, covering their shoulders, chest, and front limbs. They offer you better control and also restrict your dog’s movements. When a dog pulls at a collared leash, it is able to move forward, but with a harness, the forward motion is directed to the opposite side.

Harnesses can prevent neck injuries

A canine’s neck suffers major strain when it pulls at a leash, and one of the most common results of this is neck injury. In some cases, these injuries are difficult to detect because they do not cause any pain, but they can fester over time, leading to more serious consequences. Harnesses, because they cover the chest and shoulders help spread the pressure from pulling over the entire area, thus reducing strain on the neck. Moreover, they are easily adjustable, which means there is no risk of chafing or skin irritation around the dog’s neck, which is a problem usually associated with collars.

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