Selecting the Right Pet Bed
Selecting the Right Pet Bed

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Selecting the Right Pet Bed

Our furry pets --- dogs & cats, in general, spend more time sleeping --- after all, few have to worry about getting to work or paying the bills like their owners. There is a lot to be said about cozy beds for dogs and cats than they are o people. While most people sleep on mattresses and box springs, the choices aren't so simple for our pets. In fact, pet beds include options similar to those offered for people. When it comes to pet beds, though, choices that mimic human beds are only the beginning. 

How do you choose the best bed for your dog or cat? It depends on your pet, of course. While they are not able to speak up about their "sleep number" or desire for firm over plush, you can get an idea of what will best suit your pet by their size, age, and habits.  Factor in what you need from a pet bed and how much you want to spend, and you'll be able to come up with the perfect pick. Even if you share your bed with your pet, there will be times when you don't want to. If your pet has their own great bed then banning them from your bad won't be so bad for either of you.

So how do you match the best pet bed to your dog or cat? Dogs with double coats will probably prefer the cool bed mats or a tile floor while most other breeds, especially our senior pets would prefer and appreciate cushioning beds.

Here are some easy options for selecting your pet beds:

  • Mats: these beds are typically used to provide a small degree of protection from hard floors or bare crate bottoms or to add a layer over your upholstery or bedding. Mats can be used to extend the period between washings for pet bed covers. mats are best for travel or for keeping other dog beds or furniture cleaner
  • Hammock-Type Beds: These are easy to care for and clean but do not offer much in the way of padding for your pet. hammocks allow for our pets to get off the cold, hard floor. best for warmer climates and young dogs who do not need much padding but are more comfortable off the floor.
  • Loose-Fill Beds: These are basically a pillow. When selecting this style bed, make sure you can remove the cover to wash. Although you can wash the entire bed, it sometimes causes clumping and breakdown of the stuffing material which ultimately does away from the padding. best for dogs who need padding and warmth, such as our senior pets and arthritic dogs.    

For the times you share your bed with your pets, here are a couple of suggestions or options:

Steps: This option is good for small dogs, long-backed dogs who are prone to back injuries and older, arthritic dogs. Steps allow for your dogs to get up and down from your bed safely.

Light Blanket: These are perfect for protecting your bedding and for leaky pets. They can be waterproof which provides better protection.




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